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A Year Later…

Recently a friend pointed out it has been nearly a year since I’ve posted to my webpage. My goodness and apologizes! What has kept me so busy? Promoting and creating books, of course.

Promoting on the Social Media Great Beyond to connect with the 3 F’s (followers, fans and friends) on FaceBook and Twitter took more time than I realized. Too, Vera’s Version (the blog) is where I’ve been most comfortable writing for you, my fans. Somehow I missed the most important place to connect…right here. I pledge to do better.

Promoting in person has been on my calendar as well and is something I love. In the past year, I’ve been part of book signings at bookstores, a conference, and even a wine shop. What next?

Creating books is fun. My latest two are Vera’s Version and The Great Easter Egg Hunt. Vera’s Version which is a book of humor columns I wrote for newspapers in the 1990s was super fun to put together. I even drew the cartoon figures for the illustrations.

The latest in my fiction lineup is a holiday book for children: The Great Easter Egg Hunt. In it I pulled together a dabbling in photography and a bit of verse to make a story for children. All I can say is I have to do more like that one. It is so enjoyable to think like a child again.

Way back when, I was the publisher/editor/graphic designer of several small publications. Well, the graphic designer in me decided to play. Result? A whole lot of blank, lined journals are available POD via Amazon and CreateSpace. One is called Life’s a Beach.

Then the organized part of me kicked in (yes, there really is that side to me). I decided to put together a goal setting calendar journal for 2015 to help people like me, and you, break large goals into smaller steps and achieve those dreams. The calendar journals are in various color covers under the name of How to Eat an Elephant. For some reason it is quite popular in Europe.

The latest project of that sort is a book to fill the need for a secure place to record passwords. Of course, I had to call that Remember! (You can check it out here.)

Next up? Perhaps a book of poems and a couple more books of short stories and…. When I have time. 🙂