Bigfoot….Making Tracks

     Last night I watched Finding Bigfoot. They didn’t find him, again. But I love that show…and the Turtle Man, too, who had a guest appearance. Survivorman has also gotten involved with the search for Bigfoot via his own show.

     Back in college, I went to a talk given by some Bigfoot hunters. That is when I became a fan of Bigfoot. We got to see plaster casts of his big feet and heard about sightings the hunters made.

     My confession: I have never seen Bigfoot (yet), although I do write about the creature/beastie/being/ape. And while I’ve written the short story “Death of Bigfoot” I find I am not content with only that version. My mind is toying with the idea to write a collection of short stories all about Bigfoot and Bigfoot possibilities. 

     I do hope I’m not sticking my own big foot in my mouth saying this, still I may very well start another Bigfoot story real soon. 


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